We are Joel & Yuny

Videographer and professional Photographers

I’m an Cuban-raised boy that has been living in Calgary for over 7 years. I came here with $200 in my pocket, no job, no local friends and no apartment lined up. All I knew for sure was that I was done living a bad dream and was ready to capture the best at any time anywhere, mountains, ocean, or valley.

Mix and Match

immortalizing your essence

The perfect combination of light environment and human essence, make portrait photography attractive and always full of emotions. Photography of models, musicians, artists and dance companies are some of our most frequent clients.

portrait photography

Advertising Photography

Customization Photo to Fit Your Needs..!

Advertising Photography

We have the most fervent commitment to capture the best images that will grow your business, attracting new clients, and creating new opportunities for you.

architectural photography

Fits Well in eCommerce Websites

We create iconic images that represent what surrounds us, the beauty of architecture and its people, photos for your website or news agencies.

Architectural Photography

Product Photography

product photography

Everything is Possible!

Restaurants, bars and product stores can take advantage of this service, improving the presence of their products for menus or online sales sites.